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About Gold Coast Dreadlocks

Gold Coast Dreadlocks is run by Stephanie & Amelia, 2 professional locticians with over 12 years experience.

We work with all hair types: afro hair, asian hair and european hair.

We only use our crochet hook to start and maintain dreadlocks. The crochet hook causes little to no damage unlike other methods.

We do not use wax or chemicals.

We are located in Brisbane. We can also come to your place.

Gold Coast Dreadlocks contact info:
Phone: 0402 510 312
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-6pm
Location: Brisbane, Newstead

Natural dreadlock services on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Dreadlocks offers whole heads, half heads, dreadlock maintenance, dreadlock removal, dreadlock repair & matted hair detangling.

Price list:

  • Dreadlocks maintenance: $180
  • Starting dreadlocks (half-head, “man bun”, mohawk, top knot): $350
  • Starting dreadlocks (above shoulders): $450
  • Starting dreadlocks (below shoulders): $640
  • Starting dreadlocks (waist length): $720
  • Dreadlocks repair: quote on request
  • Dreadlocks removal: quote on request
  • Matted hair detangling: quote on request

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Dreadlocks maintenance

Dreadlock maintenance price is fixed whatever how much work is required and costs $180.

We only use our crochet hook to tidy up dreadlocks. Our work is 100% natural & organic. No wax or chemicals are used.

Dreadlocks maintenance should be done 4 times a year.


Dreadlocks installation

Dreadlocks installation takes between 3 to 12 hours + depending on the amount of hair, the length of your hair, the size of the dreadlocks that you would like.

We install only natural and organic dreadlocks using our crochet hook. No wax, glue or chemical will be used.

All your hair should be at least 15cm long in order to start dreadlocks.

Dreadlock installation price list

Starting dreadlocks half-head (“man bun”, Mohawk, top knot): $350
Starting dreadlocks above shoulders: $450
Starting dreadlocks below shoulders: $640
Starting dreadlocks waist length: $720

Gold Coast Dreadlocks info:

Location: Brisbane centre. The exact address will be sent to you after booking. We can also come to your place.

Phone: 07 3554 1068

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